make wayBoston was a city I became obsessed with almost instantly. It’s a storybook city, really. Enchanting, cobblestone streets. A waterfront with crumbling wharves and bobbing boats. Neighborhoods where you can practically still hear the sound of hoofbeats, and the hustling of rebel forces as they prepared to fight for their independence. It’s a mix of old and new–soaring office buildings and modest, ancient churches. And let’s not forget the landmark that charmed me most of all: the “Make Way for Ducklings” statue in the Boston Public Garden.

All of which is to say that it’s good to get away, but it’s also good to get back–a truism reinforced by this gorgeous timelapse video of some of my favorite sites around Boston. Watching it, just a few hours after I returned from my West Coast jaunt, I was reminded once again that, while I may not stay in Boston forever, for now at least, it’s my home.

5 Things I’m Obsessing About This Week (from the comfort of my New England perch), July 3, 2013:

1. It was HOT when I returned. Good thing I’ve discovered the perfect summer lunch.

2. Why sure, I’d love to ogle my favorite women writers at work. Noel Streatfield all the way.

3. One of my favorite books, now a TV series? Swoon.

4. Yeah, I’m a word nerd, so I found this etymology of the word “cracker” (the insult, not the cheese vehicle) fascinating. Leave it to Shakespeare, right?

5. Just YES.

Happy Wednesday!


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