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Childhood memories

Hello childhood obsession

I don’t recommend leaving several unopened boxes under your bed for seven years, but if you do, I hope you’re as delighted by what you find when you open them as I was.

Not everything inside was delightful, of course. In fact, most of it was stuff I’d (clearly) managed to live without since I moved into my current apartment seven years ago, and could hastily be recycled, discarded, or donated. (Speaking of which, does anyone need a TI-82 graphing calculator? I even managed to hold on to the user manual…)

Among my more pleasant discoveries was a tiny box filled with doll-sized treasures. A rainbow set of magic markers, not even two inches in length. Hello Kitty colored pencils–each just a little thicker than a straight pin. There was a drawing tablet the size of a postage stamp, and some teeny scissors I remember poaching from a miniature sewing kit.

I was obsessed with such things as a child. As the mother of five dolls, I was constantly on the lookout for goodies that could be reappropriated for their use. As you already know, I was not fortunate enough to have an American Girl Doll, or any one of the doll-sized goodies that the company sells. So I had to get creative. When Burger King gave out mini sports equipment, my sister and I wheedled for kids’ meals until we had our doll-sized soccer ball and football and basketball (and hoop!). When the stationary store near our home in South Miami began selling tiny Hello Kitty paraphernalia, I saved my allowance–then shopped for my dolls as though it was Christmas. And when my dad received a fruit basket, courtesy his office, I immediately made off with the ornate french horn ornament that adorned the handle. That Christmas, my doll Mandy received the instrument she’d been dreaming of. And Mama was happy.

These days, of course, such obsessions are merely pleasant memories, as I consider which real-life children of friends might become the recipients of some of my old treasures. But as with many things I’ve loved and lusted after, a piece of my fascination with all things miniature has never really left me. I guess that’s why this precious photo, which has popped up in various corners of the internet over the last few weeks, charms me every time. My dolls, I like to think, would be delighted, too.

5 (miniature, and not-so-miniature) Things I’m Obsessing About This Week, July 31, 2013:

1. Speaking of darling tiny things, I’m totally smitten with this series of photos.

2. I wonder if my little froggy friend would be willing to share his umbrella with these spiders.

3. Summer = beach. Beach = beach reading. In other words, this looks pretty ideal.

4. Totally grooving on this Wizard of Oz remix/remake/reimagining.

5. The science of TWINKIES!

Happy Wednesday!

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