News Worth Obsessing About

Yesterday, a gunman walked into an Atlanta-area elementary school, intent on wreaking the kind of havoc that devastated the city of Newtown, Connecticut last December. But instead of tragedy, something amazing happened. A school clerk named Antoinette Tuff reached out to the young man with love, and convinced him to lay down his weapons. He […]

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Feeling Fruity

Little bites of heaven.

It seems strange to call apricots a vice, which is why I prefer the word obsession. Whatever the appropriate term, this week marks the return of my love affair with the fruit–available for only a brief season each summer. But while the apricots here have been good, even very good on occasion, the perfect fruit […]

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July Books: Highlights and Lowlights


All of a sudden, it’s August. In my news feed on Facebook, teachers are posting about organizing their classrooms, and parents are talking about their kids going back to school. Here at 60second Recap HQ, we’re working frantically on the new website, which we’ll be launching right after Labor Day. I can’t wait for you […]

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Searching for This Week’s Favorite

Not just any books. Good books.

It’s been a sad state of affairs around these parts. I mean that in a totally first-world-problems-for-book-snobs kind of way. But seriously, things are getting a little desperate. I haven’t had a new favorite book in weeks. I haven’t even had one that’s approached favorite status. What I have had have been a lot of […]

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Memories in Miniature

Childhood memories

I don’t recommend leaving several unopened boxes under your bed for seven years, but if you do, I hope you’re as delighted by what you find when you open them as I was. Not everything inside was delightful, of course. In fact, most of it was stuff I’d (clearly) managed to live without since I […]

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Reading Rituals: Books for a Heat Wave

sweet cream cover

I’ll go ahead and add my voice to the chorus: it’s HOT. Hot like even too hot to curl up with a book. Unless, perhaps, you’re directly in the path of a fan on tornado speed. Or unless you want to read about ice cream. In summers past, I’ve tried to cool myself with various […]

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To Grandmother’s House We Go

Me, age 5, in the middle. Grandmom Ware, milkshake-maker extraordinaire, far right.

Summer makes me think of my grandma. When the air hangs heavy with humidity and the scent of freshly-cut grass, I remember summer trips to see her at her home in Pennsylvania. We were never bored at my grandmother’s house. There were blueberries to pick and croquet balls to hit in the yard. There were […]

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This Week’s Sort Of, Kind Of, Almost Favorite

Enticing, no?

Certain books send me into fits of ecstasy. Books by authors I’ve loved in the past. Books with particularly intriguing premises. So yes, I pretty much had a fit when I saw that one of my favorite authors had written a new book that could be mine, ALL MINE, in e-galley form this week. I […]

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make way

Boston was a city I became obsessed with almost instantly. It’s a storybook city, really. Enchanting, cobblestone streets. A waterfront with crumbling wharves and bobbing boats. Neighborhoods where you can practically still hear the sound of hoofbeats, and the hustling of rebel forces as they prepared to fight for their independence. It’s a mix of […]

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Favorite Books: Summer Vacation Edition


It’s one thing to talk about reading rituals for travel. It’s another thing entirely to find just the right books for those long hours on an airplane, or in the car. Of course, we all have our summer vacation favorites–mostly beach reads (yes, this is an actual category in some bookstores, but it might as […]

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