Reading Rituals: Books for a Heat Wave

sweet cream coverI’ll go ahead and add my voice to the chorus: it’s HOT. Hot like even too hot to curl up with a book. Unless, perhaps, you’re directly in the path of a fan on tornado speed. Or unless you want to read about ice cream.

In summers past, I’ve tried to cool myself with various types of reading material. One summer, I busted out Laura Ingalls Wilder’s The Long Winter, thinking that the idea of endless snow and unbearable cold would spirit me away (at least mentally) from the heat and humidity.

Unfortunately, not only is The Long Winter my least favorite of Wilder’s books, but it also happens to be filled with descriptions of toasty fires, heavy down-filled comforters, and fur coats. So that didn’t work out too well.

That’s why there are books about ice cream. Funny thing about ice cream books: They never make me want to actually make ice cream. Oh, I’ve whipped up a batch or two each summer to be sure, but what always surprises me is that ice cream-making isn’t exactly the chilly process you might imagine. There’s a lot of stirring over a hot stove to make the custard base. And during weeks like this one, I don’t care what the end result might be: I don’t want to be near my stove.

So instead, I’ll content myself with reading about ice cream. Ice cream books are fun and enticing after all–any time of year, really, but especially during a heat wave.

Reading Rituals, Part 6: Books for a Heat Wave

Ritual #1: Select your ice cream book. I tend to gravitate toward books with lots of great photos and flavors of ice cream that I’d actually eat. My favorites? Sweet Cream and Sugar Cones, Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams at Home, and The Perfect Scoop.

Ritual #2: Read it someplace cold. Air conditioned rooms of any kind are advised. But an ice cream shop works well, too.

Ritual #3: Salivate. This is pretty self-explanatory.

Ritual #4: Go get some ice cream. Sure you could make it, but that’s what September is for. In the meantime, have a cone and think of me.


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