Searching for This Week’s Favorite

Not just any books. Good books.

Not just any books. Good books.

It’s been a sad state of affairs around these parts. I mean that in a totally first-world-problems-for-book-snobs kind of way. But seriously, things are getting a little desperate. I haven’t had a new favorite book in weeks. I haven’t even had one that’s approached favorite status.

What I have had have been a lot of books for which I’ve initially had high hopes. Maybe those hopes have even bled into the first few chapters, propelling me through a story that my inner editor was already starting to shred. But inevitably, hope is a thing with feathers, not a thing with 300-some pages, and I’ve had to give up. The result: another potential favorite tossed aside in despair.

I won’t list the names of the offending titles here, but I will say that they’ve covered a multitude of topics, genres, and age ranges. There have been disappointing middle grade books, and disappointing YA titles. There have been dystopias that haven’t lived up to their potential, and realistic fiction that’s been a complete snooze. There have even been a few books which would usually be automatic winners, with all the charm of a good, old-fashioned story, that simply flopped within the first fifty pages.

Where have all the good books gone?

So I turn to you, my fellow readers. What’s been inspiring you this summer? What new favorites have you discovered? What new favorites can you recommend? This forlorn reviewer awaits your advice.


  1. Erin Jewell says:

    Have you read Wonder?? It is my favorite read of the summer.

    • I’m sorry to say that I’m not on the “Wonder” bandwagon, Erin. But I’m so glad you enjoyed. Thanks for the rec–hopefully others can make use of it. 🙂

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