We’re SO Close!

New site design coming soonRight now, I’m obsessed with one thing: Finishing the redesign of 60secondrecap.com. For months, we’ve labored to upgrade our site–not just to move it to a new platform, but also to update the design, expand our editorial offerings, and just make it better, cooler, more helpful…because we love you! (OK, and yes, because we  want the search engines to be able to find our content.)

So while this is stating the obvious, I still have to say it: This process has taken WAY longer than we ever imagined. But it will be worth it, I tell myself. Soon, I tell myself. By the beginning of next week at the latest (so help me God). I’ll be sure to let you know when we finally go live.

I also know, though, that just because I’m living, breathing, and even dreaming about the website doesn’t mean that life isn’t still going on somewhere out there. In fact, I know it must be, because here and there, I’ve still managed to catch glimpses of funny bits, and sweet bits, and I-have-to-share-this-with-my-friends bits from around the web this week. And now, I take this brief moment to stop being a workaholic hermit (Hi, World!), and to share them with you.

5 Things I’m Obsessing About This Week, September 18, 2013:

1. I had a hamster as a pet growing up (my beloved Muffin), so you can understand why I LOL’d at this video.

2. OK, these were just too hilarious for words. Really, people?

3. THE FIST. (Well, I love all of these, actually.)

4. Did someone say cat librarian?

5. And speaking of animals, these renderings of Downton Abbey characters as dogs are eerily accurate. I want them all!

Happy Wednesday!

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